Things Less Seen: Ancient Pandaren Turtle

While flying to Winterspring to go rare hunting, I saw something very interesting on the beach of Darkshore. On the northern shore, half buried in sand, is a huge turtle skeleton. Not just an ordinary turtle, but a saddled turtle. I remember seeing one on the beach in pre-WoLK Darkshore when I first started playing WoW about 6 years ago, but never really thought anything of it until today. Now seeing the structure and style of the new Pandaren ┬árace, I’d like to believe it’s an ancient Pandaren riding turtle. The saddled turtle could have been part of the lore about Liu Lang, the Pandaren who set out on the back of the turtle, Shen-zin Su. He found the lands beyond the mists and gradually took more people with him who wanted to travel. Maybe this was another adventurers turtle from the Wandering Isle (Shen-zin Su had grown so large, he supported an entire village in his back) who had seen Darkshore from a distance and wanted to explore. The murlocs could have been what caused the demise of the turtle, and maybe the exploring Pandaren along with it. There are a few other races that it could have belonged too, but it doesn’t really fit in with them. For example, the Tuskarr ride turtles, but theirs are much different looking than this one. The colors of the saddle also look like something ┬áthe Pandaren would use in their design. I’m not 100% sure of what this turtle is or it got there, but I can make some theories, and I think one may be close. It’s really cool to see things like this around Azeroth, even if we don’t know what they are.

WoWScrnShot_032513_003529 WoWScrnShot_032513_003545