Things Less Seen: Bamboozled

In Orgrimmar or Stormwind near the portals to Pandaria, there is the cutest little panda cub. It’s name is Luo Lou if you’re Horde and Meng Meng if you’re Alliance. This little guy is usually just sitting on the ground or laying down in the Pandaren camp. I found out that if you /love or /hug the cub (maybe even more emotes), it will give you a Magical Bamboo Shoot that will turn you into a cute little panda cub for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it’s not a fast runner and I don’t think you can use any abilities in that form. At least you’ll be super adorable! So, get out there, and love some pandas!



Landscape of the Summit


The wind howls through the dead landscape, making the dry grasses shudder. It’s a different place from the rest of the lush continent of Pandaria. The sun beats down through a cloudless sky on the statues at the bottom of an enormous mountain where a scared temple makes its home. The time worn statues sit in eternal growls at enemies long past. The tigers, although aged, have not lost the look of strength.

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