Things Less Seen: Bamboozled

In Orgrimmar or Stormwind near the portals to Pandaria, there is the cutest little panda cub. It’s name is Luo Lou if you’re Horde and Meng Meng if you’re Alliance. This little guy is usually just sitting on the ground or laying down in the Pandaren camp. I found out that if you /love or /hug the cub (maybe even more emotes), it will give you a Magical Bamboo Shoot that will turn you into a cute little panda cub for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it’s not a fast runner and I don’t think you can use any abilities in that form. At least you’ll be super adorable! So, get out there, and love some pandas!



Things Less Seen: Drowned Dragonblight Dragon

Dragons are one of my favorite things in World of Warcraft. I was extremely surprised to find a huge skeleton of one off the coast of Dragonblight submerged in the water next to a damaged Titan bridge. It’s bigger than any dragon I’ve ever seen in game, including the skeletons that litter Dragonblights landscape. Even Galakrond’s bones don’t compare to this guy, and in lore, he was like the father of the Dragon Aspects. Here’s some pictures!



Ironclaws looking down his face in the first screenshot, and then standing almost between his eyes. The scale of this dragon is ridiculous.



This was taken from the base of the neck and looking down its spine to the ribs. It’s so big, my view distance wouldn’t get all of it. There’s only one part of his left back leg visible. The thing on the bottom right is it’s horn.



Rib cage, taken above water next to what’s left of a Titan bridge. I wish I knew more about the Titans and who or what this dragon was. It may be Galakrond and the Scourge are digging up the wrong dragon, but I doubt it. I image that’s how large the first dragon would have been. Because of the placement of his body, maybe he was the cause of the collapsed bridge. Its an eerie find, and worth scouring the water to see. The map can help you find him if you decide to go looking! He is drawn on the Dragonblight map, although so faintly, nobody really notices it. It would be great hearing some theories to what he might have been! Happy hunting!

Things Less Seen: The Steam Pools

If you’re looking to take a break from being a hero every once on a while, then I’ve found the perfect place for you! Head over to the Steam Pools in the Feralas mountains. It’s a great place to vacation!


I stumbled upon this place when I was searching for the abandoned tauren hut that’s around on the barrens side of the mountains. It was a nice little find! They have plenty of things to see at the resort, like a beautiful beach, packed with plenty of people. Horde and Alliance both!


The head chef, Gordon Tramsey, is also something to see. Do you have what it takes to stay in his kitchen? And we can’t forget about Johnny Awesome gracing us with his awesome presence. I think he’s trying to get past the thoughts of his horse, Twinkles, who died in a tragic accident.


Tired of that old mammoth smell? No problem! The Steam Pools resort includes a free mammoth wash with your stay! It’ll be smelling like new in no time!


This resort is one of the best in all of Azeroth, and far from the quests of everyday life. Rest, relax, and enjoy! 😀


Things Less Seen: The Whispering Forest

While flying around Tirisfal Glades one night, I opened my map and noticed a pretty good sized lake in unmarked territory. I thought maybe I hadn’t explored all of Tirisfal yet, so I flew that direction. When I came up to the lake the first thing I noticed was an island in the middle with a fisherman’s skeleton. Poor guy had a dagger in his back. He was next to an umbrella with a cute little fish hook pattern on the inside and a tackle box thing. There was also a crashed plane at the bottom of the lake with a gnome skeleton beside it.


After I checked that out, I headed towards the other side of the lake. I knew something was odd when I came across deer that were level 80+ and my mini-map said Whispering Forest. This place is only accessible by flying. There’s a large circle made of glowing white mushrooms in the middle of the forest and in the middle is nothing but dirt. At first, I had no idea what it was or what it was used for. I thought for sure there had to be a quest around there somewhere that I was missing. But, it’s actually part of an amazing Easter Egg!


Somewhere every 2-6 hours little Fey-Drunk Darters start to spawn. (I’m not completely sure what the spawn timer is for the event.) It takes somewhere between 15-50 minutes for all seven of the little guys to spawn and then another 15-45 minutes for the event to actually start. When it does, they all gather around the mushroom ring and start singing a beautiful song while channeling a golden light to the center of the circle. They have gold music notes over them while they sing. It only lasts for about 2 minutes, then the darters go back to wherever they came from. The first night I found out about the darter song, I waited at the circle for about 2 hours and went on to bed. The next day I waited almost three hours, and was rewarded with a tiny darter fluttering around. It was a long wait, but I thought it was well worth it to see something like that for myself. There are a few lore theories about the Whispering Forest. It is thought to be the original landing place of the blood elves. They eventually left because the whisperings of a buried Old God started to drive them mad. The forest may also have a link to the Emerald Dream or Nightmare. Maybe the little darters ritual is a way to try to restore the injured forest. No one really knows, but this is something to see anyway!

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