Pretty Pets: Ghastly Charger

I was going through a booster box of Betrayal of the Guardians, and I am happy to say that I found the Ghostly Charger!! My boyfriend opened the pack it was in and started freaking out, and that made me freak out. When he handed it to me, I was so excited that I screamed and probably scared the upstairs neighbors! I started scratching it off before I even got to the computer to redeem it. I love this mount!! It looks amazing and it’s the only Forsaken mount (low level riding mount without horns) that is available to the Alliance. It has a spectral appearance and has blue flames coming from it. I’m extremely happy with this mount, and I’m super happy to be one of the lucky people to finally get a mount! 😀

WoWScrnShot_032513_224944 WoWScrnShot_032513_225033 WoWScrnShot_032513_225942 WoWScrnShot_032513_224916


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