Things Less Seen: The Steam Pools

If you’re looking to take a break from being a hero every once on a while, then I’ve found the perfect place for you! Head over to the Steam Pools in the Feralas mountains. It’s a great place to vacation!


I stumbled upon this place when I was searching for the abandoned tauren hut that’s around on the barrens side of the mountains. It was a nice little find! They have plenty of things to see at the resort, like a beautiful beach, packed with plenty of people. Horde and Alliance both!


The head chef, Gordon Tramsey, is also something to see. Do you have what it takes to stay in his kitchen? And we can’t forget about Johnny Awesome gracing us with his awesome presence. I think he’s trying to get past the thoughts of his horse, Twinkles, who died in a tragic accident.


Tired of that old mammoth smell? No problem! The Steam Pools resort includes a free mammoth wash with your stay! It’ll be smelling like new in no time!


This resort is one of the best in all of Azeroth, and far from the quests of everyday life. Rest, relax, and enjoy! 😀



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