Things Less Seen: The Whispering Forest

While flying around Tirisfal Glades one night, I opened my map and noticed a pretty good sized lake in unmarked territory. I thought maybe I hadn’t explored all of Tirisfal yet, so I flew that direction. When I came up to the lake the first thing I noticed was an island in the middle with a fisherman’s skeleton. Poor guy had a dagger in his back. He was next to an umbrella with a cute little fish hook pattern on the inside and a tackle box thing. There was also a crashed plane at the bottom of the lake with a gnome skeleton beside it.


After I checked that out, I headed towards the other side of the lake. I knew something was odd when I came across deer that were level 80+ and my mini-map said Whispering Forest. This place is only accessible by flying. There’s a large circle made of glowing white mushrooms in the middle of the forest and in the middle is nothing but dirt. At first, I had no idea what it was or what it was used for. I thought for sure there had to be a quest around there somewhere that I was missing. But, it’s actually part of an amazing Easter Egg!


Somewhere every 2-6 hours little Fey-Drunk Darters start to spawn. (I’m not completely sure what the spawn timer is for the event.) It takes somewhere between 15-50 minutes for all seven of the little guys to spawn and then another 15-45 minutes for the event to actually start. When it does, they all gather around the mushroom ring and start singing a beautiful song while channeling a golden light to the center of the circle. They have gold music notes over them while they sing. It only lasts for about 2 minutes, then the darters go back to wherever they came from. The first night I found out about the darter song, I waited at the circle for about 2 hours and went on to bed. The next day I waited almost three hours, and was rewarded with a tiny darter fluttering around. It was a long wait, but I thought it was well worth it to see something like that for myself. There are a few lore theories about the Whispering Forest. It is thought to be the original landing place of the blood elves. They eventually left because the whisperings of a buried Old God started to drive them mad. The forest may also have a link to the Emerald Dream or Nightmare. Maybe the little darters ritual is a way to try to restore the injured forest. No one really knows, but this is something to see anyway!

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