Things Less Seen: Karazhan Crypts

I had heard about this place and how creepy it was, so I decided to check it out for myself. After I left, I almost wish I hadn’t looked at it at all. It’s like a nightmare. The crypt is right next to the Karazhan raid in the graveyard at Morgan’s Plot. The gate is sealed making it really difficult to get in. After you find yourself a way to get through the gate, you enter a room called The Well of the Forgotten. Its a pretty good sized room that has a hole in the floor that drops down to the Pit of Criminals. I wouldn’t jump down it unless I had slow fall or something like it. It’s a loooong drop. From the well room you can take The Pauper’s Walk to other parts of the crypt. There are bones and full skeletons covering the floor near the walls, like no one really cared to put them into their tombs. It also looks like there are claw marks on the floor also. One way on this path leads to a massive room with many doors that look like single graves. Some of the roof has caved in to the right as you walk through the doors. The other path you can take on The Pauper’s Walk leads you to an even larger room filled with… hills of dirt and bones. Across the room there’s a small opening with water. It looks like a normal flooded room standing back away from it. In my opinion it’s one of the scariest, most twisted rooms in the entire

WoWScrnShot_031613_203314 WoWScrnShot_031613_203336

crypt. The zone is called, The Upside-Down Sinners. There are people hanging from the chains everywhere. All of them are tied by their feet, some with hands tied, either floating or sinking in the water. Large hooks hang from the ceiling and dangle down almost touching the bottom. This room horrified me. I never thought I would see something so disturbing in a place that Blizzard had forgotten. If you swim through the bodies towards the bottom, there’s an archway you can go through. From there you can walk into the Pit of Criminals. This is the room


that the well leads down to. There’s a pool with a huge pile of bones underneath the well opening. Imagine how many people were thrown down the well to die on already dead/rotting bodies. It’s a pretty gruesome room too, right under the Upside-down Sinners. You can also get to another area called The Tome of the Unrepentant. It has two floors. The lower just has a large shallow pool, while the upper has a mausoleum with quite a few small stone coffins and two large ones. If you turn up the ambient sound, you can hear a heartbeat. It seems like the closer you get to this room, the louder it is. The two larger stone coffins may be Medivh and his mother, Aegwynn’s tombs. The last room you can go to is called The Slough of Despair. Its just a large room with a huge pit towards the back of the room.



I’ve never seen anything creepier in World of Warcraft. This crypt is one of the most horrific sights. I wonder what Blizzard planned to do with it, or if they’re still planning on something. Lore-wise, I wonder what most of those rooms were used for and what happened to the people that had found themselves there. Medivh was an evil person (not to mention a cheater at chess), and who knows what had happened down in those crypts. All I know for sure is that I don’t want to visit that place again.


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